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Individual Arts Assessment Pathway (IAAP)

What is the Individual Arts Assessment Pathway (IAAP)?

  • The Individual Arts Assessment Pathway (IAAP) will be, pending BOR approval, a graduation pathway option in which students demonstrate, through a collection of creative works, growth over time that meets the HSII Accomplished Level in the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.
  • The artistic method(s), media, or form(s) students use to meet the appropriate State developed IAAP criteria are based on student artistic and research interests in consultation with their arts teachers.
  • The IAAP offers arts students a graduation pathway that prepares them for future professional and educational experiences and opportunities in the arts.
  • Beginning in early 2023, school districts can choose to offer  the IAAP based on student and community interest and program offerings

When will the IAAP be piloted? 

The IAAP will be piloted beginning in September 2022. In early 2022, application and guidance materials will be disseminated to selected pilot schools. Applications and materials for implementation will be available for all NYS schools in winter  2023 and will be posted on the NYSED Arts webpage. This pilot will be a sample of schools and districts that represents the spectrum of districts, students, and arts programs across New York State.

Further information about the Individual Arts Assessment Pathway (IAAP) Pilot can be found in the presentation here

Districts can express interest in pilot participation by completing the survey here by November 15, 2021