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New York Institutions

General and Program Specific Requirements for Gifted Education Extensions

21. Extensions for Gifted Education for classroom teaching certificates:

General requirements: N/A

Program-Specific Requirements


The program shall include the following:

(1) knowledge of the characteristics of gifted students who learn at a pace and level that is significantly different from that of their classmates; 

(2) knowledge of various tools and methods for identifying and assessing gifted students, and skill in using such tools and methods;

(3) knowledge and understanding of appropriate curriculum design for gifted students;

(4) knowledge and skills for planning, providing, coordinating, and evaluating differentiated teaching and learning environments to challenge and assist gifted students in learning to their highest levels of achievement; and

(5) skill in collaborating with other school staff, families and the community to provide appropriate individualized instruction for gifted students.

Field Experiences:

  • college-supervised field experiences of at least 50 clock hours teaching gifted students.