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Workflow for Posting New or Updated Web Content - Text Version

Program Office Web content staff or Webmaster performs the following:

  1. Identify new web content such as HTML, PDF, or MS Office files.
  2. Prepare the content for website.
  3. Complete accessibility testing and updates
  4. Notify webmaster of new web content by using the new content reporting form.

Program Area Webmaster performs the following upon notification from Program Office Web content staff:

  1. Tests the web content based on NYSED Accessibility Requirements
  2. Determines whether or not passes accessibility test
    1. If passes test, the content is ready for subsequent audit by ITSU
    2. If does not pass test,
      1. the webmaster notifies the web content staff of needed correction.
      2. The web content staff would then remediate the content and advise webmaster when corrected

ITS ITSU performs the following as an audit of selected new or updated content:

  1. Reviews selected web content for accessibility compliance
  2. Determines whether or not passes accessibility test
    1. If passes test, then accessibility has been verified and no further action is required.
    2. If does not pass test,
      1. Notifies web master of correction needed
      2. The webmaster would in turn notify the web content staff as appropriate and advise of remediation for the content.


Please Note: If, after reviewing these tools, you still have questions about the web accessibility procedures, you may contact your Web Content Manager or the SED Help Desk. You may also submit your question to the NYSED Web Accessibility Support Forum.