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NYSED Web Accessibility Requirements for Applications

Web accessibility requirements apply to all web content, including websites and web applications. For web applications without PDF, Office documents, or videos, please perform the below steps to test accessibility. Please review the Webaccess site for support, tools, and tutorials.



  • When completed, log testing results in the IT_SYSTEM_{Manager}.xls file on the ITS –Share on the LAN under \SPAREDWP\WebAccessibility WCAG2.0

Testing steps

  1. Run the Wave accessibility tool, note the errors and contrast errors.
  2. Perform navigation testing using only a keyboard.
    1. Test to see if you can navigate to all elements on the page using only the keyboard.
      • For example, test each identified page to ensure all controls are accessible using common navigation keys like Tab, Shift-Tab, Space/Enter, or arrow keys.
      • Note the result as Pass or Fail based on whether you can access all elements.
    2. Identify pass/fail criteria based on whether all elements of the page are accessible using only the keyboard.
  3. Log your results in the reporting file above. Enter the following for each page tested:
    1. Critical errors
    2. Contrast errors


  1. New applications must pass all the above criteria before going live.  
    1. Passing criteria: 0 errors, 0 contrast errors, and PASS for keyboard navigation.
    2. Wave tool tips for help on resolving accessibility errors.
  2. All other existing applications will perform abiannual reporting of accessibility.
  3. Application developers should seek to incorporate accessibly remediation with any ongoing maintenance updates or new requests as appropriate.


Consideration may be made for an exception where the application of web accessibility standards are neither feasible nor helpful. Please refer to the NYSED examples for Undue Burden / Fundamental Alteration.

Please Note: If, after reviewing these tools, you still have questions about the web accessibility procedures, you may contact your Web Content Manager or the SED Help Desk. You may also submit your question to the NYSED Web Accessibility Support Forum.