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Impartial Hearing Reporting System

Each board of education is required to report information relating to the impartial hearing process including, but not limited to, the request for initiation and completion of each impartial hearing. Data required for impartial hearings must be submitted electronically through the Impartial Hearing Reporting System (IHRS). IHRS is a web-based data collection system designed to record information about the impartial hearing process at critical points, beginning with the initial written request for a hearing and ending with the implementations of decisions rendered in the hearing. IHRS is a "real time" system and is used to monitor New York State's due process system to ensure that impartial hearings are completed within the time periods required by federal and State law and regulation.

IHRS is a secure system and only individuals with assigned confidential passwords may access the system. School district personnel and Impartial Hearing Officers (IHOs) may request passwords to access the system. Personnel authorized by their school district may request a user account and password by contacting their delegated administrator for the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). Personnel may contact their school superintendent if the SEDDAS delegated administrator is not immediately known. If the SEDDAS delegated administrator experiences any problems accessing SEDDAS, assigning a username, or resetting a password, they may contact the New York State Education Department's (NYSED's) SEDDAS Help Desk by email at The email should include the delegated administrator’s name, district, and phone number. IHOs may contact the NYSED to request a user account and password by telephone at (518) 473-0170 or by email at Districts only have access to their own information and not data entered by other school districts. The same is true for IHOs who have “read only” access to their own cases.

To access the system go to, click on the “Business Portal” tab, and enter your username and password by clicking on the “Log On” button at the top right corner of the page. Please contact the Special Education Due Process Unit by telephone at (518) 473-0170 or by email at about IHRS including information on how to use the system and questions regarding the impartial hearing process.