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Liberty Partnerships Program ​Services and Venues

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For more on what is happening in LPP, please see the LPP website created by the various projects.

While local LPP designs may vary, all LPPs provide the following services:

Academic Support

  • Personal Learning Plans
  • Assessments
  • Strategies for effective learners
  • Tutoring/homework assistance
  • Exam reviews
  • Developmental and college courses


  • Case management
  • Individual/group counseling
  • Family services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Academic advisement
  • College/career application assistance

College and Career Preparation

  • College Tours and Orientation
  • Career discovery & employment search strategies
  • Pre-profession orientation
  • Service-Learning Projects
  • Entrepreneurial Projects

Family Advocacy

  • Support networks
  • GED & ESL classes
  • Workforce transition assistance

LPP Venues

LPP Services are offered through a variety of settings that are based on the needs of the local community.

  • School-based Model

LPP services are (a) inserted into the regular school day; (b) as part of the extended-day schedule; or (c) as a component of a structured afterschool enterprise.

  • Campus-based Model

LPP services are delivered on the college campus through after-school, weekend and summer programming.

  • Community-based Model

    LPP services are offered through neighborhood settings and may be implemented at not-for- profit agencies, local businesses, or churches.

  • Hybrid Models

    Individual LPPs may offer services through multiple venues.