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Tribal Nations of New York State

Map of Federally and State-Recognized Tribal Nations of New York State


Federally and State Recognized Tribal Nations of New York State:

Algonquian Peoples

(Stony Place or Shore)

The Shinnecock - A Long Island American Indian Nation


​(People from Beyond the Hill)



Haudenosaunee Confederacy (People of the Longhouse)

Haudenosaunee Guide for Educators - National Museum of the American Indian

Iroquois Indian Museum

Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫˀ (People of the Great Swamp)


Onyota’a:ká (People of the Standing Stone)

Shako:wi Cultural Center


Onoñda’gegá’ (People of the Hills)

Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center


Kanien’kehaka (People of the Flint)

Akwesasne Cultural Center Library and Museum


O-non-dowa-gah (Great Hill People)

Ganondagan Seneca Art and Culture Center

The Seneca Iroquois National Museum


Ta:nöwö:deʼ Onödowáʼga꞉ Yoindzade


Ska-Ruh-Reh (Shirt Wearing People)


Dispossession of Indigenous Lands

Map of 21st Century Indigenous Nations (New York State Museum)