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PBITS 24-004, SAMS Payments Implementation

SAMS Payments Implementation

Release Date
September 19, 2023

Questions Due
October 2, 2023

Questions and Answers Posted
October 13, 2023

Submissions Due
November 3, 2023

Please note: The following changes have been made to PBITS 23-004:

  • Key events and dates: Mini-Bid Response Due Date from 10/19/23 to 11/3/23.
  • Section 2.1:  Added clarifying language to the persona requirements.
  • Section 2.2:  Updated duties in BA, QA and UX Designer roles. Also renamed Senior UX Designer/Information Architect to Senior UX Designer
  • Section 2.3:  Updated which deliverables are ongoing, and which are one and done.
  • Section 2.4:  Split out deliverables.  Eg instead of one deliverable being “develop and test xyz”, these are broken out into “develop xyz” and “test xyz”.
  • Attachment 2: Reference to IV&V experience changed to experience relevant to migrating on premises legacy systems to low code, cloud-based platform.
  • Financial Proposal: Revised to match revised deliverables in mini-bid.