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Fundamentally, ESSA is about creating a set of interlocking strategies to promote educational equity by providing support to districts and schools as they work to ensure that every student succeeds. New York State is committed to ensuring that all students succeed and thrive in school no matter who they are, where they live, where they go to school, or where they come from.

To foster equity, the New York State ESSA plan:

  • addresses disparities in training for teachers to help them be effective in the classroom;
  • provides students more access to rigorous high school coursework;
  • makes schools equally welcoming environments for all students;
  • increases fiscal transparency in school building spending; and
  • uses multiple measures to allow students to demonstrate proficiency in state learning standards.

Find New York State's approved ESSA plan, guidance for schools and districts, fact sheets, videos and webinars, the consolidated application for ESSA-funded programs, and more helpful resources here.

Approved New York State ESSA Plan

View New York State's ESSA plan, as well as a summary of the plan.

Guidance for Schools/Districts

The guidance materials are intended to build the capacity of LEAs receiving federal funds from one or more programs authorized as part of the ESSA.

Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs

Online Consolidated Application for ESSA-Funded Programs to support the timely administration of ESSA-funded programs to local educational agencies (LEAs) across the state.

Accountability Designation Materials

The ESSA Accountability Designation Materials web page provides accountability data, fact sheets for parents and teachers, resources for schools, and additional information about the new accountability system.

Fact Sheets

The fact sheets for educators and school board members summarize and explain the final ESSA plan. The fact sheets are available in 15 languages.

News and Memos

ESSA-related news and memos from the New York State Education Department

Videos and Webinars

ESSA videos and webinars provide information on ESSA requirements and important changes.

Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) is a new, common, and robust school and district visit process that compares a school and district's practices to the optimal conditions of learning.

Monitoring and Compliance

New York State Education Department staff monitor for compliance and provide technical assistance related to the programmatic and fiscal requirements under many of the ESSA-funded programs.

Complaint Procedures

The complaint procedures offer parents and other stakeholders a process to file complaints and allow for the timely resolution of such complaints. 

Committee of Practitioners

The ESEA Legislation requires New York State to have a committee of practitioners composed of administrators, teachers, parents, members of local school boards, representatives of private school children and pupil services personnel “to advise the State in carrying out the responsibilities,” under the Act.