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Resources for the Design, Development, and Implementation of Educator Evaluation Plans

Consistent with research and best practices, the Department believes that well-designed and implemented evaluations are an important tool to help support educator growth and development. With this goal in mind, the measures that are used as part of an annual evaluation should provide useful information to district administrators and the educators who are being evaluated that helps support educators and leverage their expertise. Under Education Law §3012-d, all teachers and principals are required to receive an evaluation based on two categories: 1) the Student Performance category and 2) the Teacher Observation/Principal School Visit category. 

Student Performance Category

Under Education Law 3012-d, as amended, the required subcomponent of the Student Performance category for all teachers is an SLO. For principals, the required subcomponent of the Student Performance category is either an SLO or an input model. SLOs are developed locally, consistent with the Commissioner’s goal-setting process.

The New York State Education Department continues to accept applications for qualifications for State-designed supplemental assessments and/or assessments for use with SLOs to be used by LEAs in teacher and principal evaluations as part of their implementation of the educator evaluation system.

Teacher Observations and Principal School Visits Category

To implement the provisions of Education Law §3012-d as amended by the Laws of 2019 relating to educator evaluation plans of classroom teachers and building principals, the Department continues to solicit applications for Teacher and Principal Practice Rubrics that will be used as part of educator evaluation.

Web-based Educator Evaluation Form using SED Monitoring Aligned with §3012-d as amended by the Laws of 2019

LEAs are required to submit their completed educator evaluation plans aligned with §3012-d as amended into the SED Monitoring Educator Evaluation portal. The Department reviews each plan to determine if it rigorously complies with the Education Law and corresponding subpart of the Rules of the Board of Regents.  A hard copy of the Educator Evaluation Form is available for download (updated March 2023). 
LEAs interested in making a material change to their currently approved educator evaluation plan should contact:

Approved Educator Evaluation Plans

NYSED will continue to post school districts’ educator evaluation plans as they become approved.