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Voluntary registered nursery schools and kindergartens will complete these forms, as applicable.

Annual Report

All Nursery Schools and Kindergartens registered with the State of New York are required to submit the Annual Report by July 31st each year to the New York State Education Department's Office of Early Learning.

Materials That Support the Application

This forms page contains some, but not all of the materials that must be included with the application. Please refer to the Materials That Support the Application shown on the application itself for a complete list of required materials.

Fire Safety Report

All buildings which are owned, operated, or leased by a public school district or BOCES must be inspected for fire safety at least annually.  No building which is owned, operated, or leased by a public school district or BOCES may be occupied or otherwise used unless the building has a valid Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Commissioner. Annual fire safety inspections may not commence earlier than 45 days prior to the school’s annual due date. Refer to the Annual Report and Fire Safety Report memo for further information.

Staff Background Form

Voluntary registered nursery schools and kindergartens must provide the education, training and professional experience of certified and noncertified staff members, including individuals certified in other countries and in States other than New York.

Staff Study Plan

This form is to be completed for any Lead/Head Teacher not professionally/permanently certified in Early Childhood Education (B-2).

Contact Information Form

The Education Department’s policy is to use e -mail for all bulk correspondence to registered schools, so it is important that we have the correct email address for your school and all designated staff.

Dental Exam Information

Voluntary registered nursery schools and kindergartens are required to provide the State Education Department with information about each child's most recent dental checkup. This form provides a template for requesting this information from families.

Record of Fire Drills

Fire drills must be conducted on a monthly basis and not dictated by weather. It is recommended that  alternate exits be used and that times and days vary with each drill.  New staff and children should receive orientation to these procedures on their first day of employment or enrollment.

Student Health Checklist

Use this form to indicate that each child's medical records have been documented.

Construction - Renovation Form

All NYS registered nursery schools and kindergartens are required to disclose any planned indoor & outdoor construction or major renovation to the site.