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CDOS Pathway to a Regents or Local Diploma

Students eligible for the CDOS Pathway to a local or Regents diploma must:

  • earn the appropriate 22 units of diploma credit;
  • pass one Regents exam or NYSED-Approved Alternative in each discipline (English language arts, math, science, social studies); and
  • complete all the components of the CDOS Commencement Credential (either Option 1 or Option 2).

 CDOS Commencement Credential Requirements (Option 1)

The student must meet each of the following requirements:

  1. Development of a Career Plan
    • Including documentation of student’s:
      • Self-identified career interests
      • Career-related strengths and needs
      • Career goals
      • Career and technical (CTE) coursework and work-based learning experiences the student intends to engage in to achieve their career goals
    • * Model Career Plan (model only - format of career plan is locally decided)
    • A copy of the student's Career Plan in effect during the school year in which the student exits high school must be maintained in the student's permanent record.
  2. Demonstrated achievement of the commencement level CDOS learning standards in the areas of:
    • Career exploration and development (Standard 1)
    • Integrated learning (Standard 2)
    • Universal foundation skills (Standard 3a)
  3. Successful completion of at least 216 hours of CTE coursework and/or work-based learning experiences; 54 hours of which must be work-based learning experiences.
  4. At least one employability profile, completed within one year prior to student's exit from high school, documenting student’s:
    • Employability skills and experiences
    • Attainment of each of the commencement level CDOS learning standards
    • As appropriate, attainment of:
      • Technical knowledge and work-related skills
      • Work experiences
      • Performance on industry-based assessments
      • Other work-related and academic achievements
      • Employability Profile Model Form (model only - format of employability profile is locally decided)
        • PLEASE NOTE:  This sample employability profile does not meet the requirements for NYSED-approved CTE programs since it does not have a space for technical skills.  For assistance on developing an employability profile for NYSED-approved CTE programs, please contact the CTE team at
    • A copy of the student's work skills employability profile(s) shall be maintained in the student's permanent record.

CDOS Commencement Credential Requirements (Option 2)

The student must meet the requirements for one of the Department-Approved Pathway Assessments in Career Development and Occupational Studies.

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