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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the New York State Education Department provide or require curriculum?

The New York State Education Department does not mandate, approve, advise on, review, or provide curricula. Curriculum in New York State is always locally determined by the local school board or district. It is the responsibility of each local school district to develop curricula based on the NYS Learning Standards, select textbooks and instructional materials, develop pacing charts for learning (scope and sequence), and provide professional development for staff to ensure that all students have access to skilled instruction leading to attainment of these learning standards. 


Where can I find requirements for what students are taught in public schools?

The requirements for public schools can be located on the General School Requirements page.  


What are the graduation requirements for New York State students? 

For the full text of the New York State High School Diploma Requirements, reference the Commissioner’s Regulations 8 CRR-NY 100.5. Additional information can be found on the Graduation Requirements webpage.  


Where do I find information about the learning standards?

Information relating to the New York State Learning Standards is available by content area on the Learning Standards webpage


Where can I find information about Culturally-responsive Sustaining Education?

Information relating to culturally-responsive sustaining education can be found on the CR-SE webpage.  


Additional FAQs can be found on the content area pages.  Additional Questions can be emailed to the Office of Standards and Instruction.

Rev April 2024