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Transitional B Alternative Teacher Preparation Program

In New York State, there are three routes to becoming a certified teacher:  1) a traditional 4-year undergraduate, 2-year graduate college preparation program or approved college certificate program that leads to teacher certification, 2) an approved, registered "alternative" teacher preparation program, also offered through an institution of higher education but with characteristics that distinguish it from "traditional" programs, and 3) individual transcript evaluation.  These pathways are described on the Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) website at .

On July 14, 2000, the Board of Regents approved alternative teacher preparation (ATP) programs in New York State designed to attract highly competent people who possess a bachelor's degree with a major in the subject they plan to teach, but who initially lack courses in teaching.  After completing a rigorous 200 clock hour introductory component that includes at least 40 field hours and after passing two certification tests, candidates in ATP programs are eligible to be employed as full-time certified teachers of record in NYS public schools. While teaching, they receive mentoring support from hiring school districts, supervision from the ATP programs, and take additional college courses to complete their teacher certification requirements. After successfully completing the requirements of the ATP, the Teacher-candidate may apply for an Initial teaching certificate. Note: In 2012, in an effort to address teacher shortages, the Board of Regents voted to amend these regulations to allow certified teachers in one certification area to enter an ATP program in a different certification area. 

Admission into a ATP program depends on the college or university offering the ATP program; however, there are certain general minimum requirements.  Most applicants have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, a major in the subject in which they plan to teach at secondary grade levels, or a liberal arts and sciences major for teaching at elementary grade levels, and at least 30 semester hours in the certification area that may include 12 semester hours in a related subject (cognate).  The institutions that offer the ATP can best inform potential applicants if their undergraduate majors are appropriate for the subject they wish to teach, or what additional coursework they may need prior to admission or before completing a degree.

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