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Teacher, Educational Leader, and Pupil Personnel Services Certification Programs

If you are proposing a program that prepares students for teacher, educational leader, or pupil personnel services certification, go to Register a Program to Prepare Candidates for State Teacher, Educational Leader, or Pupil Personnel Services Certification for more information related to the registration of programs leading to certification.

Guidance on General Academic Program Proposal Documents

  1. Introduction
  2. Proposals Requiring Master Plan Amendment
  3. Proposals Requiring Charter Amendment or Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Changes in Currently Registered Programs
  5. Glossary of Program Registration Terms
  6. Key Standards in the Regulations
  7. Counties Organized by Regents Higher Education Region
  8. Format Definitions
  9. External Reviews 
    1. Evaluation Report Form for Program Proposals 
  10. Department Expectations:  Admissions, Academic Support Services, Credit for Experience and Program Assessment and Improvement
  11. Department Expectations: Curriculum 
    1. Internships
    2. Financial Aid Considerations for Degree Programs
    3. Policy Statement on Liberal Arts and Sciences
  12. Department Expectations: Faculty
  13. Department Expectations: Financial Resources and Instructional Facilities
  14. Department Expectations: Library Resources
  15. Department Expectations: Graduate programs
  16. Department expectations: Transfer to Baccalaureate Programs
  17. Review Process for Approval of Programs in the Distance Education Format
    1. Determining Time on Task in Online Education
  18. Review Visits
  19. New York State Taxonomy of Academic Programs (HEGIS Codes)


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