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Program Registration Guidance Documents

Department Expectations: Admissions, Academic Support Services, Credit for Experience and Program Assessment and Improvement

(Application for Registration of a New Program - Task 2)


  • Admissions criteria are fully and accurately described in the proposal and in the publications of the institution.
  • Admissions criteria specific to the program may be different from general institution admissions criteria.  If so, this should be noted and the differences fully described. If identical to the general admissions criteria, please identify the general admissions criteria.
  • Admissions criteria may include
    • Minimum GPA or entrance exam scores
    • Work experience
    • Achievement of specific degree program
    • Completion of specific coursework
  • All course placement testing is fully described in the publications of the institution.
  • The institution adheres to published admission criteria and policies for admitting only those students capable of completing the course of study to which they apply, given the instructional and other support the institution provides.
  • The institution identifies and encourages the enrollment of prospective students from historically underrepresented groups by including targeted activities in its admissions process.


Academic Support Services

  • The institution describes how it will provide adequate advising and program planning services to support students in the proposed program.
  • The institution describes the provision of academic and other support services that students may need to succeed in the proposed program.  In addition to academic program planning and counseling, support services may include, in accordance with institutional mission and student needs for academic success:
    • Tutoring
    • Personal counseling
    • Career counseling
    • Computing resources and services
    • Essential skills development; including study skills, information literacy, communication skills and quantitative skills
    • Assistance in preparation for licensing/certification exams and other requirements for professional practice


Credit for Experience

  • Each institution sets its own policy for accepting credits and awarding credit for experience.  The policy should be in writing and should be defendable.
  • Credit is only granted for prior learning that is demonstrated to be equivalent to that in the institution’s registered curricula and component courses.
  • The institution must have a detailed written process for the evaluation of credit for experience that may include:
    • Professionals in the field serving as evaluators
    • Submission of essays and other evidence of learning
    • Testing
    • Examination results, e.g., CLEP


Program Assessment and Improvement

  • There is a plan for ongoing and formal periodic review of curricular design and content, and in program effectiveness in implementing its stated purposes for each program.  The plan may include:
    • Schedule of periodic  plan implementation
    • Departmental review
    • External peer review
    • Surveys from multiple sources, e.g., faculty, students, alumni at different points of experience, and employers
    • Student outcomes data, as indicated by surveys and other sources
    • Prior and planned use of findings to improve programs and student achievement.
    • Evidence that data gathered is used to inform program improvement.
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