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Acronym Meaning
S/CDN Staff/Curriculum Development Network
SAANYS School Administrators Association of New York State
SAE Scholarship for Academic Excellence
SAG State Attorney General (New York State)
SARA Society of American Registered Architects
SAS Supplementary Aids and Services
SASS System of Accountability for Student Success
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAT-9 Stanford Achievement Test - 9th Edition
SAVE Safe Schools Against Violence in Education
SBP School Breakfast Program
SBR Scientifically-based research
SBST School Based Support Team
SCA School in Corrective Action
SCDN Staff and Curriculum Development Network
SDFSCA Safe & Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act
SEA State Education Agency
SEC Supported Employment Consortia
SED State Education Department (New York State)
SEDCAR Strategic Evaluation Data Collection Analysis and Reporting
SEDDAS State Education Department Delegated Account System
SEDREF State Education Department Reference File
SEQA Special Education Quality Assurance
SERI Special Education Resources on the Internet
SETRC Special Education Training and Resource Center
SFA School Food Authority
SFSP Summer Food Service Program
SHIFT Statewide School Health Infrastructure Team
SHRAB State Historical Records Advisory Board
SIFEPP States' Impact on Federal Education Policy Project
SIG State Improvement Grant
SINI School in Need of Improvement
SLP Speech Language Pathologist
SMI School Meals Initiative
SQRI School Quality Review Initiative
SRC State Records Center