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Acronym Meaning
CaMS Case Management System
CAP Client Assistance Program
CAP Commissioner's Advisory Panel (NYS Education Department)
CAR Comprehensive Assessment Report
CBVH Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
CCF Council on Children and Families
CCLC 21st Century Community Learning Center
CCSI Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative
CCSSO Council of Chief State School Officers
CD-ROM Compact Disc – Read Only Memory
CDC Centers for Disease Control (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
CDEP Comprehensive District Education Plan
CDOS Career Development and Occupational Studies
CDRC Community Dispute Resolution Center
CEC Cultural Education Center (NYS Education Department)
CFR Codes of Federal Regulations
CFR Consolidated Fiscal Report
CHADD Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
CHAPS Comprehensive Health and Pupil Services (NYS Education Department)
CI&IT Curriculum, Instruction, and Instructional Technology (NYS Education Department)
CIA Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (NYS Education Department)
CIMS Comprehensive Instructional Management System
CLARB Council of Landscape Architectural Boards
CNP Child Nutrition Program (NYS Education Department)
CO-2 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule CO-2 for Use by Counties
COIL Coalition for Independent Living
CPRC Community Parent Resource Centers
CPSE Committee on Preschool Education
CQC Commission on Quality Care (for the Mentally Retarded)
CRE Coordinated Review Effort
CREATE Computer Recycling for Education and Technology Enhancement
CRP Community Rehabilitation Provider
CSD Central, Common or City School District
CSE Committee on Special Education
CSEA Civil Service Employees Association
CSHN Coordinated School Health Network