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Higher Education Reports

Admissions and Academic Preparation

This report includes Fall admissions applicant, acceptance, and enrollment data for first-time full-time and part-time freshmen study by race/ethnicity in institutions in New York State. For students that enroll in full-time study, data is further broken down by High School GPA and SAT/ACT scores.​

Enough is Enough Aggregate Data Report

Aggregate data reported to NYSED by institutions of higher education concerning reports of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault.

Enrollment of College Students with Disabilities

Data includes counts of students who self-identified as having one or more disability, by the category and sub-category of their disability. The number of staff whose primary responsibilities includes supporting students with disabilities is also included. The count of students with a print disability was added as part of the 2017-18 collection.

Fall Degree-Credit Enrollment

This report includes fall degree credit enrollment counts reported by institutions of higher education in New York State.  These data are broken out by year (back to 2010), County, Public and Private Institutions, Sector (SUNY, CUNY, Independent, Proprietary and Public-Special), 2-Year and 4-Year/Grad level, Full-Time and Part-Time status as well as undergraduates (both matriculated and non-matriculated), first-professionals, graduates, all students, first-time enrollees and Full-Time equivalents (FTE).

Financial Aid

Grants, loans, and work studies/assistantships for undergraduates and graduates in New York State by year, sector, level, aid type, and institution.


Graduation data broken out by degree type, year, institution, institution characteristics, and by various student group/subgroup information.

Graduation rates by sector broken out by various student categories (transfer students, first-time students, students with disabilities, HS credential, level of academic preparation, race/ethnicity, and Opportunity Program entrants also broken out further by students with disabilities and race/ethnicity), for those students earning a degree through the spring of the Data Year at the institution they first entered.


The number of degree-seeking students entering Associate or Bachelor’s programs in the Fall of the previous year and continue to be enrolled at the same institution, for the Fall of the current year.

Student Origin

Trends and counts of student origin broken out by Full-Time and Part-Time, sector and level, and county.

Transfer Students

Sources and destinations of Full-Time undergraduate transfer students by level and sector.