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Module 5 - Preparing for Panel Presentations

Welcome to Module 5 - Preparing for Panel Presentations of the NYSSB Guidance Toolkit!

Module 5, Preparing for Panel Presentations, is unique in that it is designed for any person who will serve on the Interview Panel to presentations of the Culminating Projects.  Therefore, it can be used as part of this series for Seal of Biliteracy Committee members and/or as a standalone module given to those individuals who will evaluate the Culminating projects.  For this reason, viewers will see that some slides have been included from prior modules for informational purposes.  If you are already familiar with the Seal of Biliteracy in general, you can skip the first section entitled “Program and Purpose” and begin with slide 26.  If you are new to the Seal, it is recommended you view the entire module.

Module 5 Materials