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Recruitment and Placement

Activities to attract the most effective educators to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and the schools that need them 


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Teacher Recruitment and Placement Research and Resources

Addressing Teacher Shortages: Practical Ideas for the Pandemic and Beyond
This guide from TNTP is intended to help LEAs understand and address immediate staffing challenges and plan for long-term changes that will create a more sustainable teacher workforce.

Fixing the Holes in the Teacher Pipeline: An Overview of Teacher Shortages
Teacher shortages occur for many reasons, and how a school district addresses the problem depends on understanding why it exists, in what areas and which groups of students are most affected by it. In 2016, the Center for Public Education (CPE), the research arm of NSBA, examined three problematic points along the teacher pipeline, namely initial preparation, recruitment and retention. Sadly, all along there are holes all along the path that lead to teacher shortages in subject areas (e.g., math), school level (e.g., high schools) and instructional type (e.g., special education).

Recruitment Toolkit
This four-step Recruitment Action Planner for Districts from Opportunity Culture walks districts through key recruiting steps, which includes actions and linked tools, to help attract top-notch educators. 

Teacher Talent Toolbox
This toolbox from TNTP offers resources for building strong teaching teams, supporting them, and retaining them. Many of the resources in this collection were built over two decades of helping school districts and charter networks build robust teacher pipelines and talent systems. 

School Leader Recruitment and Placement Research and Resources

Wallace Foundation Principal Pipeline Self-Study Guide for Districts
This guide is designed to help school districts take stock of and improve their policies, processes and structures related to school leadership​.