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Explaining Teacher and Principal Growth Scores Based Upon Student Growth (School Year 2022-23)

November 2023

Prepared for the New York State Education Department by Education Analytics

In 2022–23, approximately 38,000 teachers in English Language Arts (ELA)/math in grades 4–8 and 3,400 principals (of schools containing grades 4–8 as well as principals of schools containing all of grades 9–12) received a State-provided growth rating and score. The New York State Education Department (NYSED or “the Department”) has provided a variety of materials to help districts and educators understand and use the State-provided growth scores. These materials can be found at the State Growth Measures Toolkits page.

The following document was developed based upon inquiries made directly by stakeholders across the State[1]. This document is separated into three sections with subsections:

Teachers’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Specific Growth Scores

Principals’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Specific Growth Scores
  • Accessing Results
  • Deadlines and Release Dates

Additional Resources on State-provided Growth Scores

If further questions arise, reach out to the email addresses below:

[1] Note: If there are any discrepancies between the information presented in this document and statute, regulations, or APPR Guidance, the language in the statute,
regulations, or APPR Guidance must prevail.

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