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Question Sampler

The New York State Question Sampler is available publicly online and offers an opportunity for students, parents, and educators to become familiar with the test format, the question types, and the tools students will experience during CBT. The Question Sampler, provided by NWEA, is accessible from any computer and provides computer-based sample questions in ELA, Math, and Science. The Question Sampler also offers an “empty” ELA Response Box Sampler and an “empty” Math Equation Editor Sampler, so teachers can provide their own questions and students can respond online in the Samplers. The Science Item Type Sampler offers users the opportunity to become familiar with Technology Enhanced Items (TEI). Students and parents can give these samplers a try at home. The Question Sampler provides the opportunity to preview different testing accommodations, such as Text-to-Speech (TTS), Reverse Contrast, and more for CBT. The Question Sampler also gives users the opportunity to practice using the built-in tools like the highlighter, notepad, and answer eliminator, all of which will be available to students taking CBT.

Question Sampler

Click here to access the New York State Question Sampler

To access the Samplers, first select subject and grade, then the Samplers can be selected under “Select Test.” Student work is not saved. To save student work to review later, students can “print screen” their work and then paste into another application.

Please Note: For the best user experience, please use the Chrome browser when accessing the online Question Sampler.

The ELA and Math questions in the Sampler are previously released test questions from the New York State Grades 3-8 Tests available at The science questions in the Sampler have been developed by NYS educators in conjunction with NYSED and are aligned to the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards (NYSP-12SLS). In addition to the science questions found in the Sampler, there are paper-based versions provided for the Elementary- and Intermediate-level Science Test Sample Items.