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Question Sampler

Again, this spring, some students across New York State will take the New York State Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Tests and/or Field Tests on computer for the first time. Educators, students, and parents need tools to help students get comfortable taking a test on computer.

New York State Question Sampler is available for educators, students, and parents to preview computer-based testing for answering test questions and using online testing tools. Additionally, test accommodation features, such as Text-to-Speech, Reverse Contrast, and more are available in the online Question Sampler.

The Question Sampler, provided by Questar Assessment Inc., is accessible from any computer and provides computer-based sample questions in ELA and math for every grade 3-8. Teachers can use the Empty ELA Response Box Sampler and the Equation Editor Box Sampler in class as part of daily instruction as students will use to provide responses during CBT exams. Students and parents can give these samplers a try at home. 

The Question Sampler allows users to preview test questions in a platform that closely resembles the secure browser test platform that students will use for the actual test. The Sampler gives users the opportunity to practice using the built-in features like the highlighter, notepad, and answer eliminator, all of which will be available to students taking the computer-based test. NYSED and Questar Assessment Inc. released a new functionality for CBT math Equation Editor called the Equation Editor Drawing Tool. The Drawing Tool allows students to “draw your work” to arrive at and respond creatively to math questions.

The Question Sampler includes previously released New York State test questions and shows the types of questions students will encounter on the operational CBT and computer-based field tests this spring. The Question Sampler does not represent the full length of the actual test.

Please note that you must use the Google Chrome browser for the best experience with the Question Sampler. Chrome most resembles the Questar secure browser used by Questar to administer the real test.

Click here the access the New York State Question Sampler