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Grades 3-8 Technical Information and Reports

Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Tests Technical Reports

The purpose of the technical report for the Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics tests is to provide information on test development, scaling and equating, scoring, reliability, and validity. This report is updated every year to reflect the technical details of the above procedures and to provide information about student performance using current year's operational data. Finally any changes to the assessment will be documented in the report.

The comparability memo is a supplemental document that is released to provide information about the results of the comparability study conducted each year for the Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics paper-based and computer-based tests.


These assessments were not administered during the 2019-20 school year in response to the ongoing impact of the COVID–19 pandemic. Therefore, there will be no technical report for 2020.

Standard Setting and Standards Review

The standard setting report is an explanation of the process of what occurs during the standard setting meeting. Standard settings occur immediately after the first administration of an examination where there are changes in the New York State Learning Standards. These reports will be updated every time new standards are adopted.

The standards review report is an explanation of the process of what occurs during a standards review meeting. A standards review is necessary when there are no changes to the New York State Learning Standards but there is a change to the test (i.e., shortened test length). Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the standards are being assessed as expected (i.e., whether a minimum score associated with each performance level needs to be adjusted).

Standard Setting and Standards Review Reports

External Benchmark Study

An external benchmark study is a study of the comparison of student performance on other assessments that measure or predict similar outcomes. In addition to the Standard Setting that occurred in 2013, there was an external benchmark study performed as well. 

Past Technical Reports and Additional Resources

Past technical reports are available by request. For any questions, please email the Office of State Assessment at

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