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NYSED’s Expanded Math Access Program Now Includes Grades 6-8

June 14, 2024

NYSED is thrilled to announce that starting with the 2024-2025 school year, the Expanded Math Access Program (EMAP) is being expanded to include school students in grades 6-8. EMAP currently provides free access to the First in Math Program (online, standards-based, math games and activities accessible at school and at home) to students in grades K-8. This additional practice supports students in meeting grade-level math fluency expectations.  The use of free math resources is optional and flexible. In addition to students in grades K-5, all New York State schools (including but not limited to public schools, BOCES, charter schools, and religious and independent schools) can sign up their grades 6-8 classrooms for FREE First in Math licenses by completing the online request form. Students in grades 6-8 will also be eligible to participate in the 2025 Statewide Mathematics Tournament.

For additional information about the First in Math program,  including how to sign up for the free online math resources available to New York Schools and families, please visit the First in Math information webpage or contact Nan Ronis, Executive VP, directly at or by phone at 610-253-5255.