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Graduation Requirements Guidance and Resources

Safety Net Options Available to Students with Disabilities to Graduate with a Local Diploma
Parent Resources

These resources intend to provide school counselors, administrators, and educators tools to engage students and parents in understanding the current New York State diploma requirements. 

Tracking Tool

Students and families can utilize the NYS Diploma Requirements Tracking Tool to monitor students' progress towards meeting credit and assessment requirements.

Current Diploma Requirements Flyer

The New York State Graduation Requirements: Understanding Current New York State Diploma Requirements flyer provides students and families with a basic understanding of current diploma requirements.

Additional Options Flyer

The New York State Graduation Requirements: Additional Options flyer provides additional information about appeals, safety nets, the superintendent determination option, and exiting credentials.

Understanding Exemptions due to COVID Flyer

The New York State Graduation Requirements: Understanding Exemptions due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency flyer provides additional information about amendments to diploma requirements due to COVID-19.

Presentation Materials

The Turnkey Guidance for NYS Diploma Requirements provides prepackaged instructional steps and guidelines so counselors, educators, and administrators may facilitate training on current diploma requirements for students and parents.

Ordering Diplomas

Regents diploma blanks are furnished by the Department to registered high schools that request them as part of their online examination request for January or June Regents Examinations. Additional questions related to ordering diplomas may be referred to our Operations Unit at (518) 474-8220.

Requests for student records must be sent directly to each New York State high school. The Department does not maintain copies of students' high school diplomas.