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Section 201.6 CSE responsibilities for expedited evaluations.

(a) If a request for an individual evaluation is made during the period that a nondisabled student, who is not a student presumed to have a disability for discipline purposes, is suspended pursuant to Education Law section 3214 or is subjected to a removal as defined in section 201.2(l) of this Part if imposed on a student with a disability, the evaluation must be conducted in an expedited manner in accordance with this section. 

(b) An expedited evaluation shall be completed no later than 15 school days after receipt of parent consent for evaluation, and shall be conducted in accordance with the procedural requirements of sections 200.4 and 200.5 of this Title. The CSE shall make a determination of eligibility of such student in a meeting held no later than five school days after completion of the expedited evaluation. 

(c) Until the expedited evaluation is completed, the nondisabled student shall remain in the educational placement determined by the school district, which can include suspension. 

(d) If, as a result of an expedited evaluation, the student is determined to be a student with a disability, the school district shall provide special education to the student pursuant to Part 200 of this Title and the provisions of this Part relating to students with disabilities shall apply.

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