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Directions to Use the Prior Written Notice Form

The State’s Prior Written Notice Form is provided as a Word document, which includes form fields to enter typed information.  The form is “lock protected” in order for the form fields to function properly.  The form should be used when it is in ‘lock’ mode.  Unlocking the form during use may result in a modification to the form itself.  It is recommended that each district password protect the form to prevent inadvertent form modifications.  To do so, go to the "Tools" "Options" "Security" and follow the directions. 

To use this form in its current format, you must follow the directions below.

  1. Save the document on your school district’s letterhead. In order to do this, it is necessary that the meeting notice form appear as a Word document and in ‘unlock’ mode.  To unlock the form, go to “View” “Toolbars” and click on “Forms”.  This action will activate the ‘Forms’ toolbar.  From the ‘Forms’ toolbar, click the “Protect Form” symbol (padlock). The form will then be in ‘unlock’ mode. Go to ‘edit’, ‘select all’ and ‘copy’.  Paste the highlighted form onto district letterhead.  The form, now on district letterhead, must be locked in order to be functional.  To lock the form, go back to the “Forms” toolbar and click the “Protect Form” symbol (padlock). The form will then be locked and ready for use.  Save the document.
  2. To complete the form for each school-age student, identify the type of Committee meeting (i.e., CSE or Subcommittee) by using the ‘drop-down’ field on the Committee on Special Education meeting notice. 
  3. Use the Tab button to advance from field (grey box) to field to insert the required information as appropriate. These fields will automatically expand as text is entered.  In the event that there is no relevant information to be included in a particular box, enter ‘none’ or ‘not applicable.’  
  4. After entering all required information, SAVE the document to your file and PRINT.  Although the fields display in grey while viewed on the screen, the grey will not show when the form is printed.