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How Do I Find More Info About … ?


How do I obtain a copy of my GED? ​

How do I obtain a copy of my high school transcript? ​

Who do I contact about my student loan?​

Office of College & University Evaluation (OCUE):​

Where can I find a New York State Degree-Granting College or University?

How to complete a program registration for a New State College or University? ​

How do I find a list of registered programs in New York State?​

How do I file a complaint against a college or university?​

How do I obtain a copy of my college transcript?​

Office of Access, Equity & Community Engagement Services (OAECES):​

How do I find information on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative? 

How do I find information on TAP?​ ​

How do I find information on scholarships and grants? ​​

Office of Educator Quality & Professional Development (OEQPD):​

How do I find resources for APPR plans?​

Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI):​

How do to apply for certification? ​

How can I check the requirements for certification?​ 

How can I check the status of my certification application?

How do I submit documents to the Office of Teaching Initiatives?​

How do I change my name in the TEACH system?

Who do I contact for technical issues with the TEACH system regarding certification?​​

How do I contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives?

Office of School Personnel Review & Accountability (OSPRA):​

How do I find out information on fingerprinting? 

I was fingerprinted by the NYC DOE, why are my fingerprints not on file with NYSED?

How do I know if my fingerprints are on file with the NYSED?​

How do I submit a complaint against a teacher/educator?​ 

How do I find more information on teacher tenure hearings?​ ​