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Title I, Part D: Neglected and Delinquent Programs Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures

Guidance on Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures

Below is a sample list of allowable and unallowable expenditures to support Title I, Part D program planning activities. All allowable expenditures are not limited to the listing below:


Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures

Allowable Expenditures

Unallowable Expenditures

  • Teachers, assistants and/or other staff providing supplemental instruction/services for the Title I, Part D Neglected and Delinquent program (N&D) may include:
    • Teacher for supplemental instruction, such as academic intervention services (AIS).
      • All N&D funded staff must be appropriately certified.
    • Guidance counselor for N&D students(Supplemental)
    • Social workers for N&D students(Supplemental)
    • Career and technical educational instruction(Vocational)
    • Tutors
    • Transition coordinator and transition staff
    • Substitutes for allowable positions
    • Teacher assistant under the supervision of a teacher.
    • Teacher aids (providing non-instructional duties)
    • Data management staff (N&D focused)
    • Secretary and/or clerical position (N&D focused duties only)
    • Reasonable benefits costs (per usual district policies) proportionately linked with FTEs/salaries identifiedin Codes 15 and 16 (For N&D funded staff ONLY)
  • Cost related to the provision of ongoing, sustained professional development (PD):
    • Professional development opportunities for individuals that work with N&D students
    • Conference fees, travel and hotel costs, meal reimbursements, and mileage reimbursements that adhere to state and federal travel guidelines as detailed here:
    • Stipends for N&D program staff attending appropriate professional development
    • Educational Consultants
    • Materials, supplies, and equipment for use in N&D program PD sessions that are reasonable and necessary to carry out PD.
  • Transition Services:
    • Transition coordinator/transition staff for intake and discharge activities
    • Transitional services needed to ensure a successful transition of a student into, through and from the facility to further education or employment
    • Vocational instruction
    • Career and technical educational instruction(Vocational)
    • Career counseling
  • Supplies, materials and equipment that supplement the N&D program:
    • Materials, supplies, and equipment directly related and used by students and approved N&D staff, aligned with program goals (laptops, Smartboards, iPads, copiers, printers, etc.).
    • Computers for use by Title I students:
      • All equipment must be inventoried and include the acquisition cost and date, item description, serial number, fundingsource, and item location
    • Classroom libraries
    • Minor classroom setting remodeling, which can include paint, carpeting, dividers
  • BOCES Services:
    • BOCES services for N&D allowable activities
  • Other:
    • Academic intervention services
    • Workbooks
    • Software Licenses
    • Diagnostic tests -FOR ON-GOING ASSESSMENT ONLY.
    • Materials, light refreshments, etc. for parent/family engagement activities.
    • Transporting parents/family members to meetings
    • After school and summer programs (non-credit-bearing).
    • Transportation for N&D students to attend N&D program activities
  • Staff not providing supplemental instruction or transitional services. Expenditures may not include:
    • Teachers providing core instruction
    • Base pay of principals
    • Special education related services (OT, PT, Speech)
    • Secretary and/or clerical position (with agency/facility focused duties)
    • Teacher assistant, when they are not performing duties that are under the supervision of a teacher.
    • Correctional/security officers (with agency/facility focused duties)
    • Benefits for any core or NON-N&D position
  • Professional Development:
    • Professional development not related to the N&D program
    • Professional development for NON-N&D staff or instructors
    • Single day stand-alone conferences
  • Supplies, materials and equipment:
    • Supplies and equipment for classes, activities and staff not paid with N&D funds, even if they work with N&D students at that time
    • Equipment for administration or business staff
    • Security monitoring equipment/software
    • Textbooks
    • Core reading series
    • Permanent structural items
  • BOCES Services:
    • BOCES services for core instruction
    • BOCES services for NON-N&D related activities
  • Travel:
    • Travel not related to the N&D program
    • Travel for NON-N&D staff or instructors not involved with the N&D program
  • Other:
    • Credit-bearing after school and summer programs
    • Standardized screening tests to determine student eligibility
    • Fees, registration, and dues for non-allowable N&D activities/expenses such as, but not limited to
      • YMCA/ YWCA memberships,
      • mobile phone contracts,
      • cable service,
      • internet provider service
    • Costs not related to N&D supplemental activities


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Title I, Part D allowable/unallowable activities,
please contact Mary Russman or Erin Contrady at (518) 473-0295.