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Allocations 2015-16: Set-Asides for Nonpublic Schools and Special Act School Districts For Title II, Part A

Consolidated Application Update

Current and Recalculated Grant Years



As a result of August 2011 discussions with the United States Department of Education (USDE), the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is issuing the following guidance regarding the provision of equitable services for eligible nonprofit private school students, teachers, and other educational personnel required by Title IX, Part E of ESEA (20 USC §7881, et seq.), which applies to the Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund under Title II, Part A of ESEA (20 USC §6601, et seq.).

To complete the Consolidated Application for current and recalculated grant years, it is advised that each LEA calculate the equitable amount of professional development services to be provided to teachers and other educational personnel in nonprofit private schools within the geographic boundary of the LEA under ESEA Title II, Part A, using the accompanying template:

Formula to Determine Amount for Title II, A Equitable Expenditures

A. Number of Students

Example A

Example B

A1: District Enrollment [most current data aligned with grant year]



A2: Private School Enrollment [total most current school enrollment data aligned with each grant year for all private school students regardless of district residence - see web link and directions provided below]



A3: Total Enrollment (A1 + A2)

10, 264


B. Title II, Part A Allocation To Be Used for Professional Development

B1: District Allocation - See preliminary allocations at:



B2: Indirects and Administration (for public and private programs) + Class Size Reduction + Recruitment Activities [all Title II, Part A, district expenses that are not professional development]



B3: Amount District is Using for Professional Development (B1 – B2) [for current and each recalculated grant year]



C. Hold Harmless Amount

C1: Based on FY2001 Eisenhower Professional Development + Federal Class Size Reduction used for Professional Development [from program year 2001-02 – see web link and directions below]



D. Per Pupil Rate

D1: Use either B3 or C1 – whichever is larger (divide by A3)



E. Equitable Services

E1: Amount District must reserve for equitable services for participating private schools (A2 x D1)



Web Link:
To complete lines A2 and C1 of the template, please refer to the hold-harmless funding level spreadsheet and the nonpublic enrollment data spreadsheets at:

Hold-Harmless Funds:

Enrollment data:

A2: To complete line A2 of the template, the NYSED has provided the private school enrollment from SY 2009-10 that can be found at the tab labeled “Orig Non Public 09-10” in the spreadsheet at the link posted under “Web Link.”

C1: In order to calculate the hold harmless amount required in C1 of the template, the NYSED has provided the allocations for the Eisenhower portion of Title IIA and the Class Size Reduction portion of Title IIA for the FY 2001-2002 at the tab labeled “LEA HH” in the spreadsheet at the link posted under “Web Link.”

Directions to complete C1: There are two options to determine the correct hold harmless amount.  NOTE: The C.1 hold harmless amount will remain the same until reauthorization of ESEA.

Preferred Option
On the spreadsheet used to calculate the hold harmless amount for C1, the column labeled “Eisenhower” represents the amount that was allocated for professional development in FY 2001-02. The district must determine the actual amount that was used for professional development from the Eisenhower allocation. This is the figure to be used for the Eisenhower portion of the calculation in C1.

The column labeled “Class Size Reduction” represents the amount that was allocated to districts for class size reduction in FY 2001-2002; however, in 2001-2002, these monies could also be used for professional development. Districts must determine the portion of Class Size Reduction funds that were used for professional development for FY 2001-02. The portion of the Class Size Reduction allocation that was used for professional development added to the portion of the Eisenhower allocation that was used for professional development equals the Hold Harmless amount for the district.

Default Option
It is possible that the district no longer maintains the fiscal records dating back to 2001 in order to determine how much of the Eisenhower or Class Size Reduction funds were used for professional development.  If the records no longer exist or are not accessible, the USDE/NYSED agreed-upon default option is to use the Eisenhower allocation for 2001 ONLY.  If this option is selected, do not use any amount from the Class Size Reduction amount in 2001.

In addition:

  • To the extent the LEA uses Title II, Part A funds for professional development, the LEA is responsible for providing equitable services under Title II, Part A, to teachers and other educational personnel in ALL nonprofit private schools located within the boundaries of the LEA, regardless of the residence of the students attending the non-profit private school(s).
  • The LEA must maintain control of the program funds and title to all materials, equipment, and property purchased with federal funds. Professional development services to teachers and other educational personnel in each nonprofit private school are provided in consultation with the nonprofit private school; however, all services and materials are procured and purchased by the LEA.
  • LEAs may form a consortium to pool the reserve amounts of Title II, Part A, in order to provide services for teachers and other educational personnel in multiple nonprofit private schools, perhaps across several LEAs, to maximize cost-effectiveness.
  • In consultation with nonprofit private school officials, the LEA will determine the amount of equitable Title II, Part A professional development services provided to teachers and other educational personnel in nonprofit private schools. NYSED will no longer compute and publish advisory sub-allocations for Title II, Part A.
  • For additional information on this topic, please see USDE’s non-regulatory guidance at: or ESEA Part E – Uniform Provisions - Sec. 9501(b)(3)(A) and Sec. 9501(b)(3)(B) at

Further questions may be directed to Katherine Better in the NYSED Office of Accountability, Title IIA, by phone at (518) 473-0295 or by email at