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Learning Technology Grant Program Overview: Eastern Suffolk BOCES Consortium

Award Years: 2018-2021

Program title: Attaining NYSP-12SLS for Elementary Level ELLs and SWD

Target population(s) (students and/or adults): 

The target population includes students and teachers across four public and four independent school districts.

Description of the District or Consortium member districts/BOCES that includes demographic information, community type (e.g. urban, suburban, rural), and community information (e.g. strengths, challenges, supports, pressures). ESBOCES will serve as the lead applicant and the consortium includes:  Patcthogue-Medford UFSD, Riverhead CSD, Sachem CSD, and South Country CSD, as well as four independent / religious schools: Chabad Hebrew School, Peconic Community School, Victory Charter, and Little Flower UFSD. Many of these districts are transforming their instructional practice to personalized learning which has dramatically increased the need for blended learning. The project will serve approximately 30,000 students including one focus district (Riverhead CSD), and two districts with 5% or greater English Language Learners. Target students are behind state average in proficiency in Science, Math, and ELA. They are not prepared for success in higher-level science and math needed for Stem-related degree programs or vocational careers out of high schools and they show a lack of engagement in school. Our teachers are not trained in effective approaches to incorporating technology into learning and require rigorous professional development and supports. 

Description of program, highlighting the goals, major components, challenges the that will be addressed, etc. The goals of the program include: 

  • Goal 1:  Improve instruction through the Implementation of personalized learning using digital learning technologies to improve instruction and student engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects;
  • Goal 2: Increase the academic achievement of students in Science, Math, and ELA by June 2020 due to improved instruction through the delivery of personalized learning using technology; and Increase student engagement by 2020. To address these issues, teachers will participate in rigorous professional development that includes the effective use of technology in the classroom that will be conducted collaboratively to form a Learning Community that is sustainable across the region. Upon project award, Suffolk County BOCES will provide NYSED Program Office with the URL for this overview and all program materials within the posting deadline, so that all information including contact information can be posted on the NYSED website.

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