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Learning Technology Grant Program Overview: Newfield Central School District

Award Years: 2021-2024

DE(Digital Equity+Excellence)

Target Population

746 Students, 69 staff members (aides, teachers’ aides, clerical staff), 124 teaching staff , 16 administrators and 1,700 family members.

District Description

Newfield Central School District is a rural school district located just outside of Ithaca, NY.  Newfield is the second most diverse district in Tompkins County with regard to Black and Multiracial students with 11% of our students identifying as multiracial and 4.8 % identifying as black. Just over 21% of Newfield students classify as students with special needs (Tompkins County average: 15%) and 62.9% are economically disadvantaged (Tompkins County average: 39%). Newfield is the only category 4 (high needs-rural) school district in the county.

Program Description

Learning Technology Grant funding will provide the district with the means to address three major areas/issues:

  1. Access to Broadband
  2. Inclusive, instructionally and technologically rich learning environments
  3. High quality professional development focused on antiracism, diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and technology.

The grant will work to alleviate digital injustice at its roots via an aggressive student activism approach to supporting acquisition of  universal broadband access for the rural community,  build an infrastructure that supports progressive, modern, technologically-rich spaces and will endeavor to provide high quality, digitally rich, future-facing professional learning opportunities, and provide support for the district to continue our Antiracist, Equity, and Inclusion (AEI) work with our in district AEI committees, Dr. Sharroky Hollie of The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CCRTL), and other consultants focused on diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion and how these intersect with digital equity and excellence.

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