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Expanded Mathematics Access Program (EMAP) for Grades K-5

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has been working with stakeholders over the past several years to refresh and create New York State Learning Standards (in all content areas) that are grounded in the most current research and practice, in order to prepare NYS students to be successful in college, careers, and citizenship.

In 2015, New York State (NYS) started a review and revision of its mathematics learning standards. Through numerous phases of stakeholder feedback, the New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards (2017) were developed. These mathematics standards are focused and cohesive – designed to support student access to the knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts that are necessary to function in a world very dependent upon the application of mathematics.

As a result of a $7.5 Million over 5 years appropriation in the April 2019 enacted budget to support math fluency and the love of math within elementary students (K-5) across New York, NYSED is announcing the launch of the EMAP initiative. This initiative exists to provide students with access to online standards-based, math games and activities at no cost to NYS districts or students. This additional practice will provide support to assist students in meeting grade-level fluency expectations and will be accessible at school and at home. This will allow for families to support their student’s math education.

The use of this optional program is flexible. This flexibility can include enrichment/extension, fun summer learning, and/or to supplement/complement current work being done in the classroom.

Please note that this is not a curriculum, and curriculum decisions remain at the local school district level in New York State. Using these free math resources is not a requirement for districts, but an additional free resource to promote math.

In addition, the vendor will organize a yearly Statewide Tournament (Regional Contests and Statewide Event) for mathematics. This competitive event will bring together students, educators, families, in a friendly and supportive environment geared toward encouraging students to strengthen and apply math knowledge and skills. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, there will not be Regional Contests nor a Statewide Event for Year 1 (2020-2021).

Reaching students at an early age, and giving families tools to engage with them, will ensure that students are ready for more challenging coursework in later years and will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available in a world that increasingly needs individuals with strong STEM skills.

To learn more about how to access (sign up for) the free online math resources, which is available to New York State schools and families, please visit the First In Math information webpage, or contact Nan Ronis, Executive VP, directly at or by phone at 610-253-5255.


Vendor chosen: Suntex International, Inc.

Online program: First In Math

Contact Information:

Nan Ronis, Executive VP
FIM/NYSED information page

Suntex International Inc.

610-253-5255 p