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Ed Law 2-d Guidance for Clinical Experiences in Educator Preparation

August 9, 2022

The following memo confirms that the placement of a candidate in an educational agency (school, school district, and BOCES) for clinical experience does not require an Education Law section 2-D agreement. Additionally, the memo provides guidance as to how educational agencies can address concerns regarding candidates and the privacy and security of student data. 

Memo: Applicability of Education Law 2-d to the Clinical Experiences Required in New York State Registered Educator Preparation Programs 

Recommended Best Practice for Education Law Section 2-d Compliance

The memo articulates that an appropriate practice for educator preparation programs and/or educational agencies is to provide candidates with appropriate training about student data privacy and security prior to and/or at the beginning of their clinical experience at the educational agency.

For example, candidates could sign a confidentiality agreement with the educational agency or the educator preparation program before beginning their clinical experience. In this agreement, candidates could acknowledge that they have taken or will take data privacy and security training and that they understand the educational agency’s policies regarding confidentiality. An example agreement and example training presentation are provided below. The agreement and training presentation could be modified for your local interests and needs.

Additional resources related to data privacy and security are available through the following links.