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Alternative Models of Field Experiences for Registered Teacher Preparation Programs for AY 2022-23

December 1, 2022

The Department is extending the alternative models of field experiences flexibility to teacher preparation programs during the 2022-2023 academic year with certain modifications that are described in the following memo. The academic year includes the Fall 2022 term through the Summer 2023 term. NYS preparation programs seeking flexibility will need to submit the Notification of Alternate Models of Field Experiences Form. For reference, please also see definitions below.

Field experience means direct (or synchronous) observation of teaching, participation in teaching, or teaching itself that is related to the teacher education program in which the candidate is enrolled; engaged in prior to student teaching or practica; and carefully selected and planned by program faculty. (section 52.21(b)(1)(ix)). Field experiences may be completed through remote learning that includes direct interaction with students, if deemed necessary by the school district and/or program faculty. The direct observation of teaching, participation in teaching, or teaching itself can be in a P-12 educational setting or in a synchronous educational remote environment.

Alternate models of field experience means asynchronous observation of teaching, which includes but is not limited to, analyzing video recordings of classroom instruction (e.g., The Teaching Channel, ATLAS/NBPTS videos, etc.) or completing clinical simulations that are not in a P-12 educational setting, such as practice teaching in the college setting or through virtual experiences (e.g., SimSchool, TeachLive, etc.). Alternate models of field experience are only acceptable through Summer 2023.