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Education Law, Rules and Regulations

Selected References: Rule and Regulation

  • Rules of the Board of the Regents:

    • Section 3.12(d) Regents Advisory Council on Institutional Accreditation, and Section 3.12(e) Institutional Accreditation Appeals Board
    • Section 3.47. Requirements for Earned Degrees
    • Section 3.50. Registered Degrees
    • Part 4, Regents Accreditation, Subpart 4-1, Voluntary Institutional Accreditation for Title IV Purposes
    • Section 3.58. Proprietary College Degree Conferring Authority
  • Commissioner's Regulations Concerning Program Registration

    • 50.1 Definitions
    • 50.2 (Repealed)
    • 52.1 Registration of Postsecondary Curricula
    • 52.2 Standards for the Registration of Undergraduate and graduate Curricula
    • Standards for the Registration of Curricula in the Licensed Professions
    • 52.21 Registration of Curricula in Teacher Education (includes requirements for programs that prepare education leaders)
    • 52.23 Procedures on Denial of Reregistration
    • 52.24 Procedures on Denial of Initial Registration
    • 53 Information for Students and Prospective Students
    • 54 Off-Campus Instruction

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