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Self-Assessment for 2019-20 School Year using 2018-19 Data

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Commissioner’s Regulations §100.21(5)(b)(xviii)  requires that all public schools and districts be included in the state accountability system and that a self-assessment of the academic program be done for schools and districts for which the New York State Education Department (NYSED or “the Department”) could not make an accountability status determination based on state accountability measures.  This requirement pertains to schools/districts for which NYSED cannot compute a Composite Performance Level for the “all students” accountability group because there are fewer than 30 results for continuously enrolled students during the prior two years combined, or any configuration of grades K through 12 that do not participate in the regular state assessment program. For self-assessment purposes, if there are fewer than 15 continuously enrolled students, results of all students in the school will be used to make an accountability status determination. 

Eligible schools received a letter in December 2019 requesting submission of data.


Questions about this requirement may be directed to Office of Accountability at (718) 722-4553.

Self Assessment and Alternative Cohort Accountability System

Accountability system for schools with alternative cohort

Commissioner’s Regulations 100.18 allows schools in which more than half the students enrolled have previously been enrolled in another high school or in which more than half the enrollment is receiving special education services to voluntarily submit the performance of an alternative high school cohort.

Transfer School List for 2017-18 School Year