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World Languages

From Skills to Modes - Part 3: Presentational Communication

The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages of the New York State Education Department presents "From Skills to Modes - Part 3:  Presentational Communication".

Original workshop date:  Wednesday, April 7th, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Workshop description:  Building on the previous two presentations on Standard 1 (Interpretive Communication) and Standard 2 (Interpersonal Communication), we will dive into the third New York State World Language Standard: Presentational Communication. Participants will explore ways in which to create real-world opportunities for students to share their proficiency in writing and speaking in the target language. We will also consider the importance of authentic audiences for student work and have the opportunity to brainstorm and share specific tasks for a variety of proficiency levels.

Workshop Facilitation Guide (Word, PDF):  This facilitation guide is designed for use by a facilitator and/or participants engaged in professional learning designed around this webinar and its focus topic(s). Facilitators and/or participants may use the facilitation guide in whole or in part, all at once or spaced out over time. They may additionally customize the facilitation guide to best suit their needs by modifying, adding to, or eliminating suggested discussion questions and/or tasks.  The facilitation guide begins with an overview of the webinar goals and its organization. It follows with suggestions of structured discussion questions and tasks that are organized for use before, during, and after webinar viewing and aligned to the stated webinar goals.

Link to workshop flyer

Workshop presenter:  Dr. Lori Langer de Ramirez began her language teaching career as a teacher of Spanish, French and ESL. She holds a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and a Doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is currently the Director of World and Classical Languages & Global Language Initiatives at the Dalton School in New York City. Lori is the author of books, texts and articles about language teaching and learning and multicultural education. She presents workshops at local, regional and national conferences and works with teachers in schools throughout the U.S. and around the world. Her website ( offers free materials for teaching Chinese, English, French, and, Spanish.

At-a-Glance Documents for Presentational Communication


Link to Handouts folder from workshop

Link to recording of workshop


Link to post-assessments 

Those unable to attend the workshop on April 7th may earn CTLE credit by viewing the recording of the workshop (above) and then answering at least seven out of ten questions correctly on Post-Assessment #1 listed below.   For the convenience of our World Language educators, there are multiple versions of the post-assessment available should the required score not be achieved on the first attempt.  If taking more than one version, participants must take them in order, starting with Post-Assessment #1.  If the desired score is not achieved, the participant may take subsequent post-assessments in order.  It is NOT permissible to choose which version of the post-assessment to take.  Credit will NOT be awarded to participants who take these assessments "out of order".

Workshop Summary

# of attendees: 369

# of CTLE certificates issued:  280 

# of certificates of attendance issued:  72    

# of organizations represented by attendees:

  • 316 districts
  • 306 schools
  • 7 partner organizations
  • 10 colleges & universities

# of languages taught by attendees:  9

Quotes from Participants of this Workshop

“An excellent presentation that was not only very well organized and informative but your examples truly patterned what you were presenting.  Thank you!”  ~ Lucille M.

“Love the consistency in "formulating" how the frame and write objectives according to the current changes.   Samples were awesome too!!!  Mil gracias.”  ~ Jennifer O.

“Very excited to try some things out once we’re all back in school together!”  ~ Kyle M.

“This was super informative, thank you for your time. The examples really illustrated how to put Standard 3 into practice and how important it is to implement it in the classroom alongside the other standards.”  ~ Kevin A.

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation with many great ideas and activities.”  ~ Mary L.

“I appreciated the complexity of your projects and how in each case the communication tasks and functions are rooted in a cultural milieu.  I love the formulaic  way we must frame the tasks -- it is a terrific way to build a collaborative mindset, but will it easy for the kids to move through the program levels.  Terrific presentation.  Bravo.”  ~ Beth H.

“Thank you, wonderful presentation. Helped me understand the standards in a more clear manner.”  ~ Angelica U.