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Relevant New York State Regulation(s):

 8 § NYCRR Part 200.5(j)(3)
 8 § NYCRR Part 201.11

What is a Case?

When a school district receives a request for an impartial hearing this request must be entered in the Impartial Hearing Reporting System (IHRS). A case refers to all information and actions associated with a particular request for an impartial hearing as recorded in IHRS.

All data entry in IHRS is performed or initiated on the Case Maintenance screen. Each case is assigned a unique numeric Case Identifier (ID). All case information is linked to the ID.

Note: The entire Case Maintenance form is longer than the display area. Use the vertical scroll bar on the right of the screen to view information at the bottom of the form.

Screenshot of Case Maintenance Screen:

What is an Expedited Case?

An impartial hearing request dealing with discipline issues pursuant to Section 201.11 is an expedited hearing request. Expedited cases have much shorter time lines and the time lines are based on school days.

When initially entering an expedited request in IHRS, the school district calculates and enters the compliance date. The school district must calculate the expedited compliance date because it is based on school days and the district has the most accurate information about their school calendar.

The compliance date is 30 school days from the date the district received the expedited request. When calculating the compliance date, day number one is the first school day after the receipt of the request. This date may be changed, if necessary (e.g. due to an unplanned school closing), by submitting a data change request. Please see the section Data Change Requests in Getting Started: IHRS Basics for more information.

The impartial hearing officer appointed to the case receives an email notification with the expedited compliance date calculated by the school district.

What is a CSE Case?

An impartial hearing request filed on behalf of a school age child is considered a Committee on Special Education or CSE case. The initial time line for a CSE impartial hearing is 45 calendar days.

What is a CPSE Case?

An impartial hearing request filed on behalf of a preschool age child is considered a Committee on Preschool Special Education or CPSE case. The initial time line for a CPSE impartial hearing is 30 calendar days.

When to Enter a Case

The district is expected to enter at least the required information immediately upon receipt of the request for impartial hearing.

How to Enter a Case

Required Fields

There are certain pieces of information that are required in order to open a case in IHRS. The data entry fields for these required items are marked with an asterisk *. The fields required to create a new case in IHRS include:

  • Institution*
  • Student Placement*
  • Request Date*
  • Student Classification*
  • Requestor*
  • Case Type*
  • Expedited?*
  • District Representative Name*
  • Expedited Compliance Date*

District Representative Phone, Extension and Email are not required fields however, they are helpful in facilitating communication between the district and the Office of Special Education about the case.

See the Steps to Initially Open a Case section below for more information on required fields.

Additional Fields

The following information is usually not completed when entering a new case but may be added at a later time if relevant to the case:

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