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School Reopening Resources

The following resources are specifically intended for teachers and administrators, to provide ideas and inspiration as they continue to educate our students – whether in person, remotely, or some combination of the two. 

NYSED applauds and thanks the thousands of teachers and administrators in New York State who continue, even in these unprecedented times, to focus on doing everything possible to ensure the health, safety, well-being, and education of their students.

Guidance related to the reopening of New York State's P-12 schools and the continuation of teaching and learning for our students will be posted on this site as information becomes available.


  • Reopening Schools Guidance – the New York State Education Department released guidance to help schools and school districts reopen, whether that occurs in person, remotely, or in a combination of the two. The guidance builds on the Framework of Guidance that the Department presented to the Board of Regents on Monday, July 13, 2020.
  • Digital Learning Resources Website – the New York State Education's Department's website featuring remote/hybrid instructional and learning resources to provide districts and teachers with increased options to keep students engaged in learning.
  • Staying Connected: Your Stories – Connections in Education during the Coronavirus Crisis – the New York State Education Department features the work of individual teachers, districts and BOCES’, shared via email and on our website to encourage district-to-district support and collaboration across New York State, enabling educators and administrators to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of colleagues.