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Professional Learning and Growth

Professional Learning and Growth Resources

New York State Teaching Standards
Educational Leadership Standards
Professional Development Standards
  • NYS Professional Development Standards
    New York State’s Professional Development Standards provide a blueprint for high-quality professional development for all educators to improve instruction and student achievement. These standards promote and sustain continuous development, growth, and examination of practice. They also provide clearly defined expectations and commitment to change. They are aligned with New York State Learning Standards and are based on an analysis and adaptation of the National Staff Development Council’s Standards for Staff Development as well as other national, state, and professional standards. The New York State Professional Development Standards are based on fundamental knowledge about contextual factors from converging research about effective professional development and its ultimate impact on student learning.
  • State Growth Measures Toolkits
    Resources for teachers, administrators, parents and general public, and professional developers and technical users have been developed to support the interpretation and use of New York State-provided growth scores starting with the 2018-19 school year. In each section below, you will find supporting resources for each audience.

  • Next Generation Standards Supporting All Students Conferences Professional Development Toolkits
    The Professional Development Turnkey Toolkits provide prepackaged instructional steps and guidelines so educators and administrators may facilitate training on various aspects of the Next Generation Learning Standards within their own professional communities.

  • REL's Evaluating Professional Learning: A Tool for Schools and Districts
    This tool introduces practitioners involved in the management of professional learning at the school, district, regional, or state level to key concepts of professional learning evaluation. It guides users through a process for developing an evaluation plan and includes activities, tools, and other resources for monitoring professional learning initiatives. A multidisciplinary team that includes teacher leaders, professional learning managers, data managers, and other administrators can use this tool to develop a logic model, develop evaluation questions, use existing and new data to address those questions and make sense of the data. 

Research and Further Reading