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Write on, NY!

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Write on, NY! is a statewide writing initiative that promotes student writing and the Lifelong Practices of Writers. This initiative is a collaborative endeavor with New York State’s teachers, districts, educational organizations, the NYSED English Language Arts Advisory Panel, and statewide ELA and literacy professional organizations. Listed below are the Lifelong Practices for Writers, which guide the Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts. For each of the following Lifelong Practices of Writers, click on the Practice to see recommendations of how this can be enacted in classrooms. As the Write on, NY! workgroup creates more resources, this website will expand. Thank you to the educators who have provided classroom examples for this initiative. Stay tuned for more resources in 2021!

think, read, speak, and listen to support writing
write often and widely in a variety of formats, using print and digital resources and tools
write for multiple purposes, including for learning and for pleasure
persevere through challenging writing tasks
enrich personal language, background knowledge, and vocabulary through writing and communicating with others
experiment and play with language
strengthen writing by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach