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Science Memos, Waivers, and Guidance

This page houses valuable science memos, waivers, and guidance to help assist educators and administrators in the field. Questions about science education in New York State can be directed to


Science Exemptions and Waivers due to COVID-19



Additional Resources

Chemistry Guidance:

  • Chemical Storage Guidelines – This NYSED publication is intended to provide school faculty and staff with chemical storage guidelines pursuant to New York State Education Law, '305(19) Chapter 627 of the Laws of 1989.
  • New York State School Chemical Management Guidance Manual  – This publication developed in cooperation with the New York State Department of Conservation provides a framework to accomplish a complete assessment and inventory of the chemicals used and stored by a school district. It also provides guidance on a sustainable chemical management system and chemical hygiene plan.
  • Mercury in Schools - Q & A for Schools - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) law affecting the presence and use of mercury and mercury added products in all New York State elementary and secondary schools took effect on September 4, 2004 (Senate Bill 7399-B). Specific questions regarding the impact on schools due to this law are addressed in the Q & A above. Included are directions and information on the disposal of mercury and mercury added products presently used in schools across New York State.

School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide:

Application Form for Commissioner of Education Waiver Education Law §809(5) Treatment of Live Vertebrate Animals: