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Science Implementation Roadmap and Timeline

Implementation Roadmap

Implementation Timeline

In December 2016, the Board of Regents approved the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards. Implementation of these standards began July 1, 2017.  Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year and continuing throughout the 2018-19 school year, districts are engaging in the “Raise Awareness & Build Capacity” phase of the approved five-year Statewide Strategic Plan for Science. In an effort to prepare for the full implementation of the new science learning standards, the Department developed a timeline related to the adoption of new science standards and the development of new science assessments.  

Updated April 2021:  The Implementation Timeline and Dates for the rollout of new science assessments at Grade 5 & Grade 8, and new Regents Examinations in Science, includes an annotation of major milestones, both completed and planned, that address implementation of the five-year strategic plan over three phases. 

Implementation Resources

To continue to raise awareness and build capacity locally, regional and statewide, our program office provides the following presentations: 

Questions pertaining to the implementation of the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards may be directed to the Office of Standards and Instruction via email to or via telephone to (518) 474-5922.