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Physical Education Updates

NYSED Physical Education, Health Education, and Athletics Update ~ Summer 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

(As of 12-11-2020 - Note that this information may constantly be updated and/or amended based on any new information that comes available.)

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  • Feeling anxiety amid a global pandemic is normal and natural for everyone. As the adults, it's critical that we take care of our own mental and physical health, and that will help us to better support our young people. NYSED has compiled numerous resources offering guidance for self-care as well as strategies for talking about COVID-19 honestly and effectively with young people.​

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Physical Education and Athletics

1. Good News!  New York State Physical Education Learning Standards have been approved by the NYSED Board of Regents (March 2, 2020)

2. I Can Do It! A Physical Activity Program for K-12 Students with Disabilities (2019-2020)

  • The I Can Do It! Program (ICDI), released through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (Administration for Community Living), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, is a voluntary school-based physical activity program designed to provide access, facilitate, and encourage opportunities for students with disabilities to be physically active for 60 minutes a day.  This can be accomplished by accumulating the 60 minutes through physical education, adapted physical education, recess, classroom physical activity breaks, active transport to and from school, and extracurricular activities, including a variety of club and sport activities.
  • For additional information, or to get started, please contact Dr. Jayne Greenberg, Program Manager, at, or 202 768-3557.

3. Residential Facility or Home Operated or Supervised by any State Agency Program - Physical Education Credit Amendment (January 2020)

  • The Board of Regents adopted regulatory changes in Section 100.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of education impacting the Physical Education for a diploma and transfer credits for students earning credit in a residential facility or home operated or supervised by any state agency educational program pursuant to Sections 112 and 3202(7) of the Education Law and parts 116 and 118 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. (January 30, 2020)
  • Numerous meetings with leaders and staff from the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), the Division of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS), and non-secure and secure detention facilities were held.
  • Concerned issues raised was the failure of school districts to award credit for schoolwork completed by students while detained, placed, or incarcerated.
  • Due to the Civil Service titles and the unique needs and nature of the education programs offered by juvenile and criminal justice system facilities, students receive extensive physical education, but the classes are taught by recreational specialists, who may or may not be certified physical education teachers. When the students transfer back to high school, they find themselves severely under credited in physical education, notwithstanding the fact that they have spent hours in physical education classes in these facilities.
  • Revision to §100.5(d)(5) of Commissioner’s Regulations provides these students with the same exemption currently provided to students transferring from another state and students of military families, who transfer into a registered New York State high school from another state, to allow such students to be exempt from the required two units of credit requirement in physical education to meet the diploma requirements. Instead, such students shall be required to enroll in physical education courses every semester they are in a registered New York State high school and shall earn 1/4 unit of credit for each semester of physical education.
  • Amendment allows students who have earned the required number of credits in physical education to meet the diploma requirements but may need more than eight semesters to graduate due to other course or assessment deficiencies, to be permitted to stop enrolling in physical education courses. Students often need to return beyond their senior year to make up a failed course or attend preparatory sessions to pass failed assessments, and the current regulation requires these students to enroll in physical education courses for those semesters as well, even though they have met the required number of diploma credits for graduation. The proposed amendment will eliminate this requirement.

4. Unified Sports "Inclusive Athletic Activities" Extended Eligibility

  • Reference Proposed Amendment of Sections 135.1 and 135.4 of the Commissioner’s Regulations Relating to Extended Eligibility for Participation in Inclusive Athletic Activities
  • Emergency rule became effective December 10, 2019.
  • Because “unified sports” is actually a trademarked name, the emergency rule will amend the program name to “inclusive athletic activities.” More notably, this amendment also establishes an exemption from the age and four-year limitations on participation in inclusive athletic activities. The amendment also relieves students from the requirement of undergoing a physical evaluation that includes an assessment of physical development and maturity.
  • Under the new rule, the exemption may apply where the superintendent or chief executive officer of the school determines that: (1) the student is a bona fide student of the high school and has not yet graduated; (2) the student is otherwise qualified to compete; and (3) the student underwent a health examination by the director of school services who determined that the student’s participation will not present safety or health concerns.

5. Coaching Updates (Amendments due to COVID-19)

  1. Amendment to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education relating to eligibility for participation in interschool competition and inclusive athletic activities for students who have Section 504 or ADA plans. (June 2020)

  1. COVID -19 Update: First Aid and CPR/AED Certification Flexibility for Coaches. (June 2020)

  1. COVID -19 Update: Theory and Techniques of Coaching (Sport Specific) Course Internship Experience Flexibility

  1. COVID-19 Update: Professional Coaching License Amendment

  • Background: Section 135.4 is amended to not require temporary coaching candidates of extracurricular interscholastic sports, who held a temporary coaching certificate for the winter 2019-2020 and/or spring 2020 sports seasons, to have received an evaluation by the principal or athletic director for the winter 2019-2020 and/or spring 2020 sport seasons for professional coaching certification due to school closures during the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, these candidates are required to receive a satisfactory evaluation by the principal or athletic director for each of the preceding three years that they coached in the sport for which a professional coaching certificate is sought.

6. Approved Coaching Course List (Updated February 2020)

7. Guidelines for Coaching (Updated January 2018)

8. Quality Physical Education Plan Reminder

  • Is your district plan current with the new NYS Physical Education Learning Standards and regulations? Is your plan frequently updated to ensure high-quality programs are being offered? Recommend updating minimum of 7 years. Important when looking for funding and support.
  • If you need technical assistance or have specific questions contact Darryl Daily at
  • According to Commissioner’s Regulation 135.4 -Physical Education Plans must be filed both at the local level and at the Department. Plans can be sent as a hard copy or as an e-mailed attachment to the Department. E-mail format is preferred.
  • Reference:
Health Education

A) Mental Health Education Legislation (Effective July 1, 2018)

  • Mental Health Education Legislation Chapter 390 of the Laws of 2016 amending Section 804 of Article 17 and states as of July 2018 all schools under the jurisdiction of the department will ensure their health education programs recognize the multiple dimensions of health by including mental health and the relation of physical and mental health so as to enhance student understanding, attitudes and behaviors that promote health, well-being and human dignity
  • SED & Mental Health Association of NYS collaborated as a stakeholder task force to develop guidance resources to implement the new mental health law by July 2018.
  • Reference:
  • Meetings and professional are ongoing with collaboration between NYSED and MHANYS

B) Social-Emotional Learning Guidelines (BOE- Presentation May 2018)

C)  New York State Combat Heroin and Prescription Opioid Abuse Campaign

D) Development of Resources to Educate on Need to Encourage Organ and Tissue Donation

E)  Development of Resources for Sepsis

F) Gambling Resources

  • In recognition of Problem Gambling awareness Month (April), the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services released a tool kit in collaboration with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to help identify early problem gambling habits in teens.
  • According to OASIS, “The new comprehensive Toolkit can be used by school administrators, educators, pupil personnel services, parent-teacher associations, parents, and community groups to teach students and parents about preventing underage gambling.”

G) Commissioner's Regulations to Require Instruction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ("Hands Only" CPR) and Instruction in the Use of Automated External Defibrillators (Requirement began September 2015)

H) Tick and Lyme Disease Legislation (Summer 2016)

  • NYSED and Department of Conservation collaborated on instructional tools and materials for school districts to advance and promote education awareness on tick identification and protection.
  • Reference Tick and Tick-Borne Disease: Education in Schools

I) Raising Awareness / Education on Dangers of e-Cigarettes

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