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Workshop 2: Developing Proficiency through High-Leverage Teaching Practices

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Workshop Description:  How can I be the most effective language educator to guide my learners to higher levels of proficiency?  High-leverage Teaching Practices are research-based strategies to answer that question.  Experience and analyze specific instructional moves to implement the vision of the World-Readiness Standards and to develop proficiency as detailed in the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements.  Deconstruct and reflect on how to apply in your classroom “what works” to facilitate target language comprehensibility, support the development of the Interpersonal mode through pair and small group conversations or discussions, and access and discuss authentic resources to develop the Interpretive Mode.  Strengthen your core practices!


Mar. 9: Long Island (Graner Kennedy)

Mar. 10: NYC (Terrill)

Mar. 11: Hudson Valley (Terrill)

Mar. 16: Buffalo (Lundgaard)

Mar. 17: Rochester (Lundgaard)

Mar. 18: Syracuse (Sandrock)

Mar. 19: Albany (Sandrock)