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NYU Summer Institutes for Teachers of World Languages

NYU Steinhardt Department of Teaching and Learning

New York University

Continuing Career Institute – July 8-9, 2019                    Early Career Institute – July 10-12, 2019

In collaboration with the New York State Language RBERN at Metro Center, New York University Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning offers and two annual institutes to teachers of world language.  The first institute welcomed about 25 continuing career teachers and the second about 15 early careers teachers.  While the vast majority of attendees hailed from schools in the New York City metro area, there were participants from as far away as Rochester, NY.  From 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., teachers engaged in collaborative activities focused on proficiency, ACTFL Core practices and Intercultural Competence, guided by presentations given by Candace Black, Irma Evangelista, Bill Heller, Frank Pignatosi, Rosa Riccio Pietanza, Jill Schimmel and Ron Woo.