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World Languages

Linguistic Diversity in the Heritage Classroom: Educational Practices That Celebrate Home Languages

Presenter:  Maria Quintanilla

Original webinar date & time:  Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, 4:00-5:00 pm

1 hour of CTLE credit offered.

The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) presents this next webinar in its 2024 Professional Learning Series:  Linguistic Diversity in the Heritage Classroom: Educational Practices That Celebrate Home Languages. This webinar is offered free of charge for world language administrators and leaders working and studying in New York State educational institutions.

Webinar description:  Heritage Language Learners’ linguistic, social, and emotional learning path is unique to each learner. A Heritage Language classroom affirms their identities, multilingualism, and cultural practices. In this webinar, the presenter will explore approaches for centering language varieties, cultures, and histories of our heritage language-speaking learners, and explore strategies relevant to classrooms with a mix of Heritage and non-Heritage language learners. She will present effective teaching strategies, proven in the classroom, for empowering identity, linguistic plurality, and cultural perspectives.

Click here to download webinar flyer.

Link to Handouts folder from webinar

Link to recording of webinar

Link to post-assessments 

To receive a certificate of completion (including a CTLE certificate), NYS educators must view the recording of the webinar (see link above) in its entirety and then answer at least seven out of ten questions correctly on the post assessment.  If the minimum required score (7 out of 10) is achieved, the educator will receive a certificate via email within about 24 hours.  For the convenience of our World Language educators, there are multiple versions of the post assessment available, should the required score not be achieved on the first attempt.  Educators may take each version of the post assessment once.

Important notes:

  1. Educators may take each version of the post assessment once.  Credit will not be given for taking a single version of the post assessment more than once. 
  2. Credit will not be given for more than one passing score on any of the post assessments for a webinar (listed below) in a single academic year.  
  3. Educators may receive credit for viewing the webinar recording and passing a post assessment once in each academic year and are encouraged to take a different version of the post assessment on a yearly basis to review and test their knowledge of the webinar's content. 
  4. It is the responsibility of the individual educator to keep track of the information on the professional learning they complete each year, including the number of CTLE hours.
  5. Questions about this webinar or the post assessments, should be directed to our office at (518) 473-7505 or

Webinar Summary

# of attendees: 152
# of CTLE certificates issued:  123
# of certificates of attendance issued: 29
# of organizations represented by attendees:  81

126 participants from district schools
9 participants from charter schools
6 participants from non-public schools
6 participants from colleges or universities
4 participants from BOCES or RBERNs
1 participants from a government agency

Quotes from participants 

"I am teaching Korean, but your presentation was very helpful to me as well! I got very inspired!" ~ S. Choi Kim

"Thank you! I have heritage speakers every year. …This meeting gives me soooo many more ideas to incorporate into my lessons!"  ~ K. Dean

"This was a great presentation with activities that I look forward to introducing to my future methods students."  ~ C. Bustamante

"I love the Linguistic Pluralism activities!"  ~ E. McCarter

"Thank you so much for this awesome presentation." ~ D. Guambana

Webinar Presenter:  María Quintanilla has been successfully teaching all levels of Spanish, including the AP Spanish Language and Literature courses to Native, Heritage, and non- Spanish Speaking students for sixteen years at the NYC Department of Education. She has worked extensively developing A.P. Spanish Language and Culture curriculum and writing day-to-day lesson plans for the AP for ALL initiative. She is a host and facilitator of citywide Lab Classrooms and has worked with the Division of Multilingual Learners, developing curriculum and lesson plans for Heritage Speakers of Spanish to be utilized by NYC teachers.  She is heavily involved in the implementation of the New York State Seal of Biliteracy for graduating seniors, College Board Teacher mentor, Model Teacher supporting ECT, and actively promulgates the new NYS standards for World Languages. Ms. Quintanilla is a firm believer in a student-centered classroom and eliciting the unique personal and linguistic qualities of each student in order to create a comfortable and safe learning environment. She is an etymology and linguistics enthusiast.