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Assessment Part 2: Creating Formative and Summative Performance Assessment Tasks

The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) presents this next workshop in its 2022 Professional Learning Series:  Assessment Part 2 - Creating Formative and Summative Performance Assessment Tasks.  This live, in-person workshop is offered free of charge for world language educators and administrators working and studying in New York State educational institutions.

Original webinar date:  Tuesday, October 11th, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Webinar description:  What is a performance task?  What role do performance tasks play in both instruction and assessment in a standards-based thematic unit? In this session, participants will learn characteristics of performance tasks and how they differ from exercises and activities. Participants will examine and analyze model performance tasks. Presenters will share guidance for creating and using performance tasks as one part of a complete assessment plan.

Link to webinar flyer

Link to Handouts folder from webinar

Link to recording of webinar

Link to post-assessments

To receive a certificate of completion (including a CTLE certificate), NYS educators must view the recording of the webinar (see link above) in its entirety and then answer at least seven out of ten questions correctly on the post assessment.  If the minimum required score (7 out of 10) is achieved, the educator will receive a certificate via email within an hour.  For the convenience of our World Language educators, there are multiple versions of the post assessment available, should the required score not be achieved on the first attempt.  Educators may take each version of the post assessment once.

Important notes:

  • Educators may take each version of the post assessment once.  Credit will not be given for taking a single version of the post assessment more than once. 
  • Credit will not be given for more than one passing score on any of the post assessments for a webinar (listed below) in a single academic year.  
  • Educators may receive credit for viewing the webinar recording and passing a post assessment once in each academic year and are encouraged to take a different version of the post assessment on a yearly basis to review and test their knowledge of the webinar's content. 
  • It is the responsibility of the individual educator to keep track of the information on the professional learning they complete each year, including the number of CTLE hours.
  • Questions about this webinar or the post assessments, should be directed to Candace Black at (518) 473-7505 or at sends e-mail).

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Version 2
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Version 5
Version 6
Version 7
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Webinar Summary

# of attendees: 343

# of CTLE certificates issued: 236

# of certificates of attendance issued: 107 

# of organizations represented by attendees:  193

# of languages taught by attendees: 10


Quotes from participants of this webinar

“I love the way all the modes of communication are used throughout the unit presented.” ~ Susan Q.

“Thank you so much. These sessions are very informative and help to clarify many questions we have! Thank you!”  ~ Clotilde E.

“I love the project and performance task comparison. Very useful.”  ~ Marie C.

“Muchas gracias. Me encantan las lecciones de la profesora Langer de Ramirez.”  ~ Jonatan D. T.

“I did want to thank you all for these two very informative webinars. It’s clear that with an eye on our can-do statements that we can create performance assessments and combine them with the rubrics to assess our students' proficiency. Mille grazie!!” ~ Leonardo R.

“Thank you for the link to shared folder and answering my question about the list of language functions!!! You all are amazing, thank you for this presentation!!!”  ~ Jennifer O.